Who we are

Chaga Midwest is a small dietary supplement company concentrating on immune health supplements made from 100% wild-harvested Chaga and certified organic alcohol. We produce some of the finest Chaga products available.

We are a small group of mushroom hunters and enthusiasts. We enjoy the outdoors and what its bounties have to offer. When we discovered Chaga and its uses we were soon hooked. We believe in the potential of Chaga and have seen its effects on the minds, bodies, and spirits of many people whom we have introduced it to. We live in relative close proximity to many birch forests. We regularly gather Chaga and we produce and use all our products daily and plan to do so until the end. It is our belief that Chaga has improved our quality of life and we would like no less than to be able help the quality of life of as many people as possible.

What we do

Chaga Midwest manufactures and produces some of the most potent Chaga products available. Our extracts and raw product are handpicked from the most northern Midwest climates. We produce products that are a blend of the strongest Chaga alcohol tinctures and water extracts available.

Jerry Syrjala

Jerry Syrjala