I wanted to share the latest health update with you. Last month I had another CT scan and oncologist appointment. Once again, absolutely no sign of cancer anywhere and the oncologist Dr. Seimers said that my 6-month checkup is now extended to once a year!

Wanted to share the great news with you and thank you once again for the Chaga that Laura and I continue to drink every day!

Jim V.

I have started drinking Chaga since last year and I have been able to stay up late without taking vitamins or supplement and it has also increase my memory and focus level.

Rasher M.

Last year during the winter, I had a series of bad colds and sinus infections one after another starting in October and lasting into summer.

This year I have not had any since I started taking Midwest Chaga. I have also tried other Chaga brands. This one works!

James J.

I have been using Chaga for about 2 months. I used to shake when I hold my arm straight out, now I have almost no shake in my arms and it helps me stay focused and remember things I have forgot.

Lon E.

I have had an overall well-being feeling and more energy than previously which both are a big plus for anybody, as well as sleeping better.

Barbara K.

Since I have started taking Chaga, I am almost completely free of steroids I’m taking for my rheumatoid arthritis. My doctor is impressed with the results of Chaga and hopes I will soon be able to stop all medications.

Jeremy R.

Two year ago my right knee was killing me, pain so strong it took my breath away. My son gave me Chaga tea and I really had no reason to think it would work, but I started drinking it. The next month my knee felt better, and I thought it was just dumb luck, but as I kept drinking it twice a day my knee returned to normal. Since then I've had no trouble with any pain.

Sharon P.

I have the test results after drinking Chaga for 5 months. My Rheumatoid Factor was around 20 IU/mL, down to less than 10 in 5 months. My doctor now recommends it to her patients.

I messed up though. I was pain free and stopped drinking it, pain slowly came back, so I am now back on it, and after drinking it for a few weeks, I'm almost pain free again!


We love your company and product, I have been taking it for over a year now and my immune system has been boosted immensely I am a farmer and drive school bus in winter months. The first year I drove I was sick most of the winter, since taking Chaga I only had a cold for a couple weeks last winter. Thanks again for providing a wonderful product.

Susan K.

In 2009, my doctor diagnosed me, through a year of various tests, with possible thyroid cancer. It was my decision to have only the half of the thyroid removed that was cancer suspicious because of a very large nodule, abnormal in size. The other half of my thyroid was covered with small nodules, but the doctor told me it is not uncommon for most people to have these small nodules on their thyroid. However, he did tell me that if I chose to keep the unsuspicious half, it would probably be non-functional within a year.

3 years later, it is still functioning! Every year I have to undergo an ultrasound of my thyroid. The first 2 years of ultrasounds, the good half of the thyroid was showing the small unsuspicious nodules.

This year, after having been on the Chaga double extract for about 4 months, the doctor informed me my remaining half was completely nodule free! I cannot prove this, but I truly believe that the nodules are gone because of the miracle medicine God had provided for me to take.

Theresa S.

In the first week of March 2014, I was hospitalized with double pneumonia and in the process of several tests, doctors discovered that I had a cancerous tumor in my right lung. My family was told that the tumor, stage 3A, was very aggressive and non-operable. The tumor board of hospital suggested 6 weeks of chemotherapy to combat the tumor with a “we’ll see what happens then” thought pattern.

During my week stay at the hospital, our close friends Edsel and Theresa Syrjala brought a bottle of Chaga Extract to me along with information to read about the extract and how it battles cancerous tumors. I began drinking the extract immediately. Two weeks later following my first pet scan, I had my initial visit with the Oncologist to discuss when chemotherapy would begin to fight this tumor. With my pet scan results on the doctor’s computer screen, he said to me, “I’m puzzled about this, you haven’t begun chemo yet, have you?” Of course my answer was no and with that he began to point out on the pet scan how my spine showed a coloration that only occurs with chemotherapy and said again that he was very puzzled with this and would have to look into it. Of course my wife and I knew that this was evidence of answered prayer and the Chaga Extract!

Two weeks later I began 6 weeks of chemo and when that was completed I had another pet scan to see if there was any progress combating the tumor. The oncologist told us that the results of the pet scan showed there was absolutely nothing there, no sign that a tumor had been there. He scheduled a meeting with a vascular surgeon for his opinion on removing a portion of my lung where the tumor had been.

My first visit with the surgeon began with his comment, “I don’t know what you’re doing here…there’s nothing to be seen! There’s no cancer!”. He also said in his career he has never seen a tumor react this quickly to chemotherapy. With that we told him that it was the powerful combination of prayer and the Chaga. I was scheduled for a midsternoscopy to take biopsies of lymph nodes and lung tissue to check for any cancer cells that might remain because CT scans and pet scans don’t pick up on cellular remains.

Two weeks later on June 11, 2014, the results of the tests showed that I was 100% cancer free, no surgery needed, with only monitoring for the next two years. Both the surgeon and pulmonologist said this was miraculous, incredible, and in their years as doctors, have never seen this before. And of course, we credited this all to answered prayer from our Creator and the amazing medicine He’s given us in the Chaga Extract and tea! It goes without saying that now my wife and I are lifetime Chaga drinkers!

James V.

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